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It's natural.

Natural orange wine made with
organically farmed grapes and
minimal intervention.


“Mother” - Skin Contact Orange Wine


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Fallen Grape Goods

Great wine makes life better. For us, it comes with memories of friends and family, moments of quiet and celebration, and connection to where we are.

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About Us

At Fallen Grape we work with generational farmers and winemakers to bring excellent, low-intervention wine straight from the central coast of California. From our organically farmed grapes all the way down to local bottling and packaging, we do as much of the work by hand as we can to ensure sustainability and preservation of the wine’s natural beauty.

We started Fallen Grape simply because we believe there’s something really great about natural wine, and we want to make it available to everyone. Whether you’re enjoying an outing with friends or a chill night in with take-out, a bottle of Fallen Grape is the perfect plus one! To be served chilled and enjoyed by all.

Your Perfect Plus One

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